Deep in the heart of Lisbon, an ancient evil has awoken!

Some tales won’t rest in peace, some tales cannot be forgotten, some tales are ALIVE!

Portugal has a haunted past filled with twisted tales of torment, murder and disease, whispered in hushed tones by the brave and domiciled to the dusty pages of History, lost in the mists of time. But the tales live on, inside the catacombs of Labirinto Lisboa, where the fiends of the fright-filled past have returned, bringing their stories back to life!


The Court of Inquisition

The Grand Inquisitor, Cardinal Henry, will cast judgement before sending you forth on a journey to hell.

The Wellway to Hell

Wander into an old Lisbon’s courtyard, where there is a time forgotten well.

The Ossuary

A chapel built of human bones, entrance to a dark and tight catacomb.

The Serra da Estrela Sanatorium

Visit the tuberculosis ward of this old haunted sanatorium.

The Haunted Hallway

Creep through this old manor hallway, where all is not what it seems.

The Fiery Lair

Enter the hideout of the infamous serial killer Diogo Alves.

The Bloody Attic

Ascend into the house where the infamous child-killer, Luisa de Jesus, lived.

The Giant’s Cave

The giant monster of the seas Adamastor, that for centuries haunted the ancient Portuguese sailors, awaits you.

The Bakehouse of Aljubarrota

Meet the baker-woman Brites de Almeida, as she fires up the oven for a devilishly different delicacy.

The Freak Show

Visit an old circus, where you will not want to laugh.

The Throne Room

Those who are brave enough to pass through our Labyrinth will face the undead King Sebastian, where a terrifying twist completes your journey through Portugal’s darkest secrets.